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Diamond Selection - Is the Most Expensive Diamond Always the Best??

 In my business trust & reputation go hand-in-hand. And they should.

When buying fine jewelry and diamonds - whether in person or via the internet, - quite a bit of trust is required. Not just about the quality of the gemstone, or the price, but trust that the advice being given and the choices offered suit your needs as the buyer.

There is nothing worse than setting a budget and then going over it. I always explain that when I ask for a budget - give me the high end. Not because I will be looking to spend every penny, but rather so that I may show options within the budget and let my client choose.

To make this point, the photo here shows that the most expensive diamond wasn't necessarily the prettiest.  My method of comparison saved my client $2000 (that he was prepared to spend) and we made a spectacular ring exactly the way he wanted for less than expected.


While the set budget allowed, there was a $2000 price difference

between the E/VS2 diamond & the H/SI1 diamond we chose which in person

was a prettier diamond.


The beauty about finding a jeweler that does not keep inventory is that we are not limited to "sell" what we have.

For each project, I contact my diamond dealers directly and personally compare several stones to narrow the choices down for my clients. For budget purposes, I like to present three to four options per project that reflect;


1. the high end of the budget

2. the next level down

3. the level down from that


Only after a full comparison will a buyer feel confident that they have explored all possibilities and be able to make a good sound decision for the diamond we use in their new jewelry.


While the GIA has done a terrific job in classifying diamonds for consumers, time and time again, I advise my clients to not just look at the Certification Report, but rather to look at the diamonds, or hire a a professional to do so, as no two diamonds are exactly the same, which is what makes each stone and gem so beautiful!


client review of the diamond selection process:

"Amy, thank you so much. The ring is beautiful! You are the best at what you do. Your explanations and demonstrations were clear and concise. As a result, I felt that I had a good understanding of diamonds and what I was purchasing. It was a great experience and the end result was perfect. Oh, and Angela loves it!" Michael H, North Franklin, CT

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