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Tips for Women - How to get the jewelry you want as a gift!

Last week I wrote a blog for men about how to give jewelry gifts to women - letting them know that for a woman, there is nothing worse than getting a gift of jewelry and thinking "Really, am I really going to have to wear this?"

I have worked with countless women who do not like the jewelry they've been given but they don't want to discourage their man from buying them nice things. 

Like much in life, communication is key.  And,contrary to romance novels where the dashing man always knows exactly what his beautiful wife wants,you may need to speak up a bit and get more involved in the process if you want to get jewelry you will love to wear.

If you want your honey to give you jewelry you will be in love with, follow these tips to insure you will always get the jewelry of your dreams!

jewelry box with diamond ring

TIPS for how to be involved in picking out your jewelry:

  • If you want something specific, speak up about it.    
  • Don’t be afraid to do more than drop a hint; send email photos of a piece you want along with the jewelers contact or website information so the item can be purchased.
  • If you like to be surprised or you’re not sure about the budget, pick out three or four items you like and say “you choose and surprise me”
  • Consider changing a piece of jewelry you already have and resetting an existing stone.

Remember, you only have ten fingers, one neck and two earlobes, which is why...

  • I always recommend quality over quantity for special occasion jewelry; so if the piece you want is more expensive than the budget, delete the notion that you “need” a new piece of jewelry for each and every occasion. Instead, start a wish list file and be willing to wait a bit longer to save for something you really love. 

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