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Custom Guitar String Cuff Bracelet Jimmy Buffett

I received an inquiry regarding a custom bracelet I made using guitar strings - both new and old. The first I made was for a client with four strings used by Eric Clapton.Guitar String Cuff Bracelet Eric Clapton There after I have made several using new strings for clients that loved the cuff.                                                           When Matt contacted me - he had one guitar string from Jimmy Buffett that had been put into a simple twist bracelet that was not comfortable, got caught on things and, well, not that masculine.... he loved the cuff I had done so the process began. 

From Matt 

"I have some Jimmy Buffett guitar strings and am interested in possibly creating a similar piece....I have two questions. First, can you guarantee I will receive this by Christmas? Second... I would like something engraved inside the bracelet. Can/does the proposed price include the engraving? The text is approximately 40 characters. Please advise. Thanks again! in advance and I look forward to hearing from you."

- Matt D

Matt David bracelet


From Me 

Hi Matt Got photos / there is definitely enough to work with in length- as it's too big for you - we would need to add two strings / and as mentioned- there is a chance these strings will not be straight again - so something to think about - but I think it could work... as far as engraving not a problem - send me what you want it to say"


When Matt sent me his strings I realized that in fact they had twisted the one string twice. 

Since he only had one string some decisions had to be made about the other three - we decided on D'Addario Acuoustic Guitar strings - Phosphor Bronze. The rep at Sam Ash suggested EJ16 as they were a little warmer in color than a few other types. 

In addition, we made a few design changes to accommodate the difference in string ends as well. 

The end result is beautiful and wearable. 

custom guitar string cuff bracelet jimmy buffettcustom guitar string bracelet jimmy buffett

From Matt:

Re-Used My Jimmy Buffett Strings!

"I cannot say enough good things about Amy. Such a wonderful piece that I will wear for many years. Thanks again!"


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