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A Creation Story - Matching Gold and Marquise Diamond Scroll Rings

I was contacted on January 26th to recreate a marquise diamond scroll ring and create a matching ring without a stone - the rings were needed in California by April 1st. We started right away and 24 days later designed and produced the two rings as ordered - below is our "Creation Story". Thanks for reading!

Marquise Diamond Ring

From the Client:

"Originally my plan was to have this style of ring customized with a different pattern (double reverse meander with 1 turn which forms a series of 'S's forwards and backwards representing the intials of our first names - Satchel & Stuart) which my fiancee and I had discussed. To my surprise when she saw this pattern, she abandoned the idea of the other pattern, feeling it doesn't compliment the style as much as the pattern shown here. So...I like to discuss making a matching set of rings - one for her with the marquise diamond, and one for me without the diamond. The rings would be needed by the 1st of April." Stu, Long Beach, California - January 26th, 2013

Step #1 - Start to search for a marquise diamond that would fit the style, shape and size of the ring - size 8 - as well as the given budget. After comparing about half-dozen stones, three were identified and the choice was between two. 

Diamond Selection Process via email

Comments from client -
"Good morning Amy! Thanks for sending the photos. After viewing the diamond photos, reading about the 4Cs on your website (very informative), and even viewing the GIA report I agree with your recommendation about Option #2 - GIA-2151148987. I am certain this stone will look beautiful on the ring, and my bride will be very delighted. Thank you so much for all your guidance" - Stu - February 1, 2013

Step #2 - Create a matching Scroll Ring - decided that the back should not taper. Sent client CAD image for approval on February 5, 2113. 

CAD Image of New Scroll Ring

"Hi Amy -Very nice, makes a really stunning set of rings.  The rings are just how I pictured it.  Thanks!" - Stu

Step #3 we decided to go straight to 14K White gold Cast -

 Raw cast of 14K white gold scroll rings

On February 15th got the go-ahead to size, polish, clean and set the diamond

Custom 14K White Gold Scroll Ring with Marquise Diamond

Step #4 - We polished, sized and set the chosen diamond - all done - 24 days after start of project.

From my client:

"Amy the rings are simply beautiful, much more than imagined - I'm really at a loss for words right now!. Their presentation during the wedding ceremony in April will certainly capture the heart of my lady, and will be treasured during our lifetime, and by those to whom we'll pass these along. Thank you so much for these creations!! Stu" - February 21, 2012

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