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Sentimental "New" Cushion Cut Diamond Three Stone Anniversary Ring

With a Twentieth Anniversary around the corner, my client's husband wanted to buy a new larger diamond ring but she wasn't so sure she was ready to not wear her old one.  The three of us "pow-wowed" and decided that I would design a setting that could incorporate a new diamond with the old, specifically creating a three-stone-setting. The budget was set and I showed

process diamond selection three stone cushion cut ringthem  several cushion cut stones as well as matched her original diamond with another one so each would flank the new diamond.  

To keep things straight, I engraved the year under each side stone to identify which was part of the original ring as well as reflect the years of both their wedding and their anniversary. 

engraving in ring of wedding anniversary and 20th anniversary year





The end result is both a beautiful new yet sentimental setting. 

custom three 3 stone cushion cut diamond engagement and anniversary ring

If you would like to create a new ring like this or incorporate and existing stone call Amy at 516-422-1220 or email

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