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Creation Story - Custom Lotus Flower Engagement Ring

This is the story of the "Lotus Flower Ring" ...

Photo of Finished Custom Lotus Flower Ring

Below is an email I received from a potential new client:

"Hello, I am very interested in creating a custom ring setting. I would very much like something that is fairly unique. I have some stones that I would like to include in the ring design. The center stone is a 1.25 Ct round brilliant diamond. It is ideal cut and E-color. I also have an assortment of round cut sapphires that I would like used as stones set into the ring."

The photo he sent me of the "idea" he had was of a stock setting off the internet that he wanted to customize.  He liked the design elements on the side, specifically the accent stones for the band as he had some sapphires he wanted to incorporate into the setting.

Internet photo sent by client


We spoke on the telephone for awhile and after getting to know more about him and his fiancee, the idea of a 'flower' took hold for the center stone and was tossed into the mix. When I suggested a lotus flower, he revealed that he is Hindu and his fiancée is Chinese. The lotus flower represents both of their cultures. Since we had so many loose sapphires to work with, I asked if there was a specific number that had any symbolism as well. He told me the number eight was significant so the decision was made to design a ring with eight accent stones - four on either side of the band. 

I sketched out a few concept ideas and generated a CAD image based off of those ideas and our conversations. 




I simply LOVED the design, and my client very politely got back to me: 

"Hi Amy,
I do very much like this design, but I have one slight modification in mind. When we talked, you really got me hooked on the idea of a lotus shape. This looks slightly more like a tulip to me. I do like the shape of the 4 prongs like petals, and I'm wondering if we could keep that and add sort of smaller "petals" in between. I realize this may mean sacrificing the two diamonds where you have them now, but if we added these four smaller petals, perhaps they could also accommodate the diamonds?"

Hmmmm - right he my CAD tech and I renamed the image the "Tulip Ring" (and laughed that one day we will make it) and added a few more petals to transform to the "Lotus Flower Ring"

Revised CAD image for client approval


I asked for his thoughts on the new design and got what I was looking for - 

"Hi Amy, I'm so sorry. I just got out of meeting. The ring is beautiful. Please start as soon as you can."

Next the wax was made for final approval and a week later cast in platinum.

Wax of Lotus ring before cast


Next he sent me the stones to be set.

Now I have seen a lot of sapphires but WOW! The quality of the sapphires he was using is beyond belief. They have been in a family safe for years and are the MOST VIVID BLUE I have ever seen. Additionally, in his 'little box of stones" was a magnificent 2 carat sapphire that we will get certified from the Gemological Institute. If it too is natural and unheated it is quite valuable and rare. 

So back to our ring.... the cast was made, the stones were set, and I sent this photo of the finished product prior to shipping - 

Photo sent to client before shipping

"Hi Amy! Wow. I am blown away. It looks incredible! The pictures are so lovely. I already shared it with my mother and she is equally thrilled.



The next day his ring was delivered and picked up - received this note - 

"Hi Amy, I meant to email you Saturday, but I didn't get the chance. FedEx delivered the ring around 10:30, so everything went perfectly. It looks really great, and I'm very excited to give it to her. I will follow up with you after new year . I am very pleased with everything we did. The timeline, price, and of course the design were all as perfect as I could imagine. I will definitely write a testimonial, and I plan on working with you again in the future!"

I asked him if he could put that on LInkedIn as client testimonials are crucial to my business - and I am so flattered by what he wrote. My clients get beautiful jewelry, and I get beautiful notes. Love it!!

Testimonial on LinkedIn - 

"Beyond the obvious beauty of her designs (see her website and it is immediately clear!), Amy was a pleasure to work with because she was very quick, organized, and made sure I understood the design process from beginning to end. She met a very tight deadline for the ring that I custom designed through her, and the result were exquisite. This was the first time I worked with a custom designer, but I know that she is who I will always go through in the future. She is very personable and responsive, and she has a valuable understanding of all aspects of jewelry - she is a great designer but also can help with having family stones certified/appraised, having rough stones cut, buying loose gems or diamonds, etc. I couldn't have made a better choice."

Siddharth P, Hamilton, NJ

Finished Lotus Flower Engagement Ring