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Arthritic Fingers, Swollen Knuckles, and Fine Jewelry Rings? Enter the Adjustable Shank

Have you ever gone to wear your favorite ring only to find it no longer fits over your knuckle? Or you jam your ring on and it constantly turns? You are not alone and I have a discovered a solution that my clients are LOVING! I have started working with a mechanism know as an adjustable shank.

There are many types of adjustable shanks, and I will discuss the options available, but my favorite mechanism is clean and provides the maximum flexibly with the most safety.

ring for arthritis and arthritic fingers So why did I choose this for my custom designs? There are several

adjustable and expandable shanks on the market - but I am a safety freak and the thought of a ring opening and falling off - well I couldn't sleep at night. So the mechanisms I use is the safest and most reliable and it looks fantastic!

How it works:

The mechanism is comfortable and easy to use, and in addition to being a must have for swollen

knuckles and arthritis, most of us have one hand larger than the other, or simply want the flexibility of wearing the same ring on more than one finger.

The opening of these shanks makes the ring wearable on both hands simply by opening the latch and extending the ring easily over your finger.

Custom ring for arthritic fingersSimply put "it 

opens 3 sizes to pass over the knuckle, then closes to fit the smaller part of the finger where the ring is worn."

Cost. This is a consideration as the shank does add to the cost of a setting. With skilled labor to solder and to make a new setting, prices range depending upon the scope of the project. 


Even with the extra cost, my clients that have decided to have an expandable ring are LOVING IT!

"My husband and I are thrilled with my newly remade engagement ring. Sadly my ring in its original setting was way too small to fit over my knuckles , however, my finger was still about the same size. Amy suggested the adjustable band to allow me to wear it on both fingers and create a sleek, comfortable fit. We had never heard of this option and it worked out beautifully.  The end result is beyond gorgeous.  The fit is perfect and will never have to be remade!"                                                                             

- Mary & Todd K., Laurel Hollow, NY


Got a new adjustable ring base I love, makes it so easy to get on & off over my knuckles, brilliant innovation!! and my 34 year old engagement ring looks better than the day I got it !! LOVE It !!

Pamela M. Lloyd Harbor, NY

As I mentioned, there are other adjustable shanks on the market. I think this photo collage illustrates why I prefer the mechanism I use over another popular Superfit® brand. Seriously, I would never wear a ring that just "opens" so I could never recommend such a mechanism to my clients.

comparison superfit adjustable shank vs the perfect setting arthritic



"I am absolutely thrilled with my rings as Amy repaired and modified them. After my accident, I took my rings to two different places, one solution was entirely new settings for both, which was not a good solution, as they would still not fit over my finger. Another place simply soldered them back together, and I was wearing them on the other hand, but then the solder snapped and I was left with two rings in pieces again. Working with Amy, we discussed our options, and she recommended the opening setting. I was very pleased with her communication and promptness throughout the entire process, and being so flexible with me. And now that I have my rings back and in one easy piece, I'm elated!

Fantastic work and I will recommend Amy to anyone who needs custom jewelry or any jewelry for that matter!

I'm a very happy customer!!! - Judy C, Middleburg, VA - 

closing adjustable ring shank arthritis and arthritic fingers

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