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Gold Cross with Quartz and Diamond
Gold Cross with Quartz and Diamond
Photo of Cross from San Diego St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church

San Diego Gold Cross with Quartz and Diamond

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This custom gold cross with quartz and a diamond was created from an image in my client's church. It is so pretty you don't have to be a member to own and enjoy it! Each piece of quartz is hand cut and set individually. Below is the "story" behind it and it's creation. Can be recast in white or rose gold with other stones.

Client Story:

"15 years ago my wife and I were involved with building St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church in San Diego California. For our 25th wedding anniversary I thought she would like a pendant that looked similar to the 20 foot cross inside the building.

I made a rough sketch of what I thought the pendant should look like. Initially that was all that Amy had to work with. As she worked on the pendant I became aware that she could make a much better pendant then I had sketched. She discussed fine details that I was unaware could be done. After several weeks I showed her some pictures of the actual cross and decided the pendant should look as much as possible like the actual cross.

It was as if she became as passionate about the project as I was! She noticed details that I had never seen and found myself going back to the actual cross to make sure that she, and the pictures, were right. I even had my 15 year old son check out some of the details with his young eyes.

Finally, following Amy's advice, I got my wife involved. She made some changes to the design, picked out some gems and colors. She wanted Amy to make a similar pendant for me.

The final pendants are perfect! I wear mine on a short chain constantly. My wife wears hers frequently, and I see her reaching up absentmindedly to touch it. I can think of no better compliment."

Mike, San Diego, CA